Copper kitchen trend

copper fruit bowl

Copper is by far the metal of the moment, so why not change the look of your kitchen easily (and cheaply) to bring it up to date! Investing in copper versions of kitchen essentials such as fruit bowls, seasoning shakers and kettles is a quick way to get the look. A copper storage rack won’t just help you clear cupboard clutter by hanging up cups and utensils; it doubles as a piece of wall art taking a bare look away from an otherwise plain area – mix and match the crockery on it for a trendy relaxed feel.


Using copper in your kitchen

The warm metallic hue of copper makes it not only ideal for summer, but the perfect match for natural wood and Shaker-style units – great if you want to update your look but don’t want to splash out on a new kitchen. Team with shadowy grey seat cushions and grey accessories around the room to soften the look, but don’t forget to add the odd copper accessory in the form of clocks, wall lights or ceiling pendants to anchor the style.


Caring for real copper

While most copper coloured accessorises won’t require any maintenance; if you’ve invested in real copper cookware and accessories, polish them quarterly to keep them glistening. For a natural cleaning tip, apply a wash of lemon juice or white vinegar along with a sprinkling of coarse salt before cleaning with a soft brush. Afterwards, rinse thoroughly and dry well with a clean soft cloth before storing away.


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