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At the Ideal Home Show Shop we love the conservatory because it brings together the best of both worlds – a magnified sun, the calming view of outdoors, no breeze; that said there are still some considerations when choosing how to furnish this lovely hideaway.


Choosing the right conservatory furniture

It may seem like an obvious tip but although covered in windows – some conservatories aren’t as light as others, so it's important that you choose the right conservatory furniture that’ll look great all year round. If you have a shady and leafy garden, light wicker furniture will make sure you still keep your conservatory space bright and airy. Alternatively for a south facing conservatory, which gets lots of sunlight, going darker with your furniture will stop you getting blinded by its reflection in summer.


Keeping your furniture in condition

Your conservatory is exposed to more sunlight than anywhere else in your home and while this may sound like a dream – it can make caring for your furniture that little bit more difficult! At the Ideal Home Show Shop we like to take good care of our homewares making sure they last and are with us for the long haul! So when it comes to conservatory furniture you should go for anti-fade quality materials such as high-grade cane, synthetic wicker and rattan to make sure you’re not left trying to hide off-colour patches which have been faded by the sun! Better yet – these high quality materials are so much more durable meaning they’ll double up as outdoor furniture so you’ll get more for your money and a place to lounge around in the summer.


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