Colourful kitchen accessories

Colourful kitchen

Brighten up existing décor and breathe new life into your kitchen with bold pops of colour – looks great at any time of the year! White or plain kitchen décor can look stark and so adding in colourful kitchen accessories is a quick and easy way to give your kitchen the wow-factor, and you won’t even have to paint or re-decorate. 


Pops of colour

Colourful dining chairs are a huge trend right now – and look fantastic paired with a plain dining table in white or metal. If you’re on a budget, you can stick to smaller kitchen accessories - you’ll be surprised at the difference even a slight dose of colour makes to the room. Try adding a brightly coloured light pendant like this Red Retro Kitchen Pendant Light to the centre of the kitchen to make a bold colour statement. It also looks fabulous hang over a dining table, breakfast bar or work surface!


Colourful kitchen untensils

Colouful kitchen utensils are also a huge trend at the moment – say goodbye to plain metal or black plastic cooking tools! You can now find kitchen utensils in a whole array of bold and bright colours. We love these colourful Whizzy Whisks which will not only cheer up your kitchen but make whisking easier too. Kids will love colourful kitchen utensils and they will add a splash of fun to cooking. For extra effect you can mix, match and even clash colours by displaying kitchen accessories like whisks, spatulas, spoons and tongs. Combine with colouful Storage Jars and containers on surfaces and shelves.


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