Coastal chic home style

coastal chic

For a grown-up nautical look to help you ease into summer, our Ideal Home Show Shop experts recommend integrating pebble shades, weather-worn textures and seaside motifs into your home. Instead of bold blues and reds, opt for a soft sea green or pastel blue sofa to help the style come together. If that’s too committing, a simple seashore style throw will do the trick before layering with cushions. Go for cushions which feature subtle nautical motifs such as beach huts, sea creatures and sail boats.


Nautical textures

Adding texture to the room will help the style from becoming too tonal. Our Ideal Home Show Shop tip is to add wooden plank style wallpaper or go for a pebble or stone inspired rug which will add some interest and warmth. Pick up accessories made from weathered looking material such as a distressed wooden seat or table and a slightly rusted or worn looking metal lantern as these objects will give instant character.

DIY nautical accessories

You don’t have to invest too much money in a nautical style if you just want to keep it for the summer. Display a set of vintage and contemporary postcards on driftwood off-cuts and hang them using natural twine and pegs for a no-commitment look. Scatter sand in a clear glass bottle, drop in some shells, a postcard and finish off by wrapping twine round the neck for a low-cost look that’s easily transformed back to its former self.


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