Choosing a duvet in spring

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When it comes to changing your duvet for the spring-summer seasons you’ll need a duvet that will keep you cool and comfortable on warmer nights. The quality and amount of warmth a duvet will provide is dependent on its tog rating and filling.


Duvet tog ratings

A tog rating is a unit that refers to the amount of body heat that a duvet will retain. It does not indicate the weight or thickness of the duvet – lighter weigh duvets can keep you just as warm as thicker duvets depending on their fillings (read more on this below). A duvet with a lower tog rating of 3 or 4.5 tog will trap less heat, making it ideal for warmer spring-summer nights. A duvet with a high tog rating of 13.5 tog will trap a lot of heat and keep you warm and cosy – ideal for winter. A medium tog duvet of around 9 or 10.5 tog can be used at any time of year and is ideal if you have central heating.

Duvet fillings

The quality of a duvet is entirely dependent on its filling, which is generally either natural or synthetic. The ideal choice is a duvet made from natural fillings such as duck feather and down or goose feather and down or silk because they will feel softer, lighter and much more comfortable. These fillings are also breathable and absorb body moisture – meaning they will keep you cooler and more comfortable on hot, sticky nights. Natural fillings have a much longer lifespan – if cared for correctly they will last you 20-30 years. This is why natural filled duvets tend to be more expensive than synthetic – but well worth the investment. Click on any of our Ideal Home Show Shop top picks below to read more about the quality and types of filling, all are available in different tog ratings.


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