Warm up your home with dark wood

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Wooden furniture is always a great option for your home because its never dates and is equally as inviting in either traditional or contemporary style homes. Walnut and mahogany wood furniture is a great choice for your home because its deep tones vary from a rich chocolate brown to a dark grey and will match the décor in any home while being classic and, of course standing the test of time.


Dark wood furniture in your home

Dark and rich colours add gorgeous warmth to the home at any time of year while also making a strong and eye-catching style statement. If you’re going for dark wood in your home this year, then pair with neutral walls, pastel cushions and creamy throws to soften the look and create a home that is not only stylish, but also cosy and inviting. For a more contemporary style home, opt for grey walls and pewter accents to create a look that’s trendy yet timeless.


Caring for dark wood furniture

As with any type of wooden furniture; a high quality solid wood piece will need care and attention, and at the Ideal Home Show Shop we can help you ensure your walnut or mahogany furniture will last the years while looking as good as new. Try to limit sunlight damage as over the years this can slightly lighten the beautiful dark wood and cause uneven patches. Use blinds or curtains to over your windows to minimise sunlight exposure on your wooden furniture. When it comes to cleaning wooden furniture we recommend that you only using microfiber cloths. Alternatively, dampen a soft cloth with a dusting spray to avoid dry scratching. And remember, you should always use coasters when placing hot cups or plates down on the table.


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