Adding colour to monochrome

the new monochrome

Monochrome is a timeless home trend that never goes out of style, and here at the Ideal Home Show Shop we have some easy ways in which you can bring your colour scheme to life. Freshen up the look by injecting some yellow to the room and painting the upper walls - this will create the illusion of space by drawing the eye upwards. Keep the woodwork white and add some soft light grey in both upholstery and flooring to stop the room from becoming too stark in contrast.


Colourful accessories

Use picture frames of varying sizes to add structure to a monochrome scheme. These don’t just have to be filled with family photos however, a great idea is to fill with wallpaper cuts, postcards, song chords or simply a contrasting block colour to the frame. Glass and ceramic frames and ornaments will give the room a grown-up feel, ensuring the yellow doesn't veering toward childish, while you can hang postcards and prints on the wall with a bulldog clip for a no-commitment accessory which you can switch out easily.


Graphic and geometric prints

Make your look more grown-up by featuring graphic and geometric designs on walls, rugs and in accessories. A striped monochrome rug will make the room seem larger while a wire sculpture on a wall will add interest while being able to see through the design keeps a light and airy feel. Strong and clean lines inspired by Scandinavian style will keep your room from looking cluttered as you add accessories, but still use accessories in small doses, one or two interesting features makes for a better impact ensuring nothing gets overlook.


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